Any store can buy, sell and accept cryptocurrency

Empowering blockchain developers, token holders, merchants and consumers to transact in cryptocurrency at any physical store in the world. Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.
Pundi XPOS®
We continue to improve, refine and optimize the hardware, software and security of our POS solution to maintain the best in class quality. Mass production of the XPOS started back in February 2018. Pundi X will deploy over 100,000 XPOS devices to more than 20 countries.

World’s 1st dance festival powered by XPOS

Sep 2018

Celebrating Singapore Fintech Festival week

Nov 2018

Instant Transactions

XPOS transactions happen instantly at less than 0.5 seconds. No delays. Just pay and go.

Support Multiple Cryptocurrencies

The XPOS is cryptocurrency-neutral, so you can transact with your favorite coins or tokens like BTC, ETH, BNB, NPXS, etc.

Work Easily With XPASS & XWallet

The XPASS card is an easy-to-use tap card for crypto beginners. Top it up with your preferred cryptocurrency and pay with ease. You can also pair your XPASS card onto the XWallet mobile app and use it with the XPOS.

Buy Cryptocurrency With Ease

In addition to making payment, customers can purchase cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from the XPOS with ease. The experience is as easy as buying a cup of coffee.

Fiat Settlement without Volatility

To avoid any volatility risk, merchants will receive their settlement in fiat money.

Card Payment
Pundi X team is now establishing the partnership with exchange platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, fashion brands, and chain store to launch cryptocurrency payment card. For the customers who don't know how to use the mobile payment to conduct a transaction, they can buy and use cryptocurrencies with ease.
It is very easy to use. When it comes to the payment, the staff will ask the customers to use their Pundi XPASS cards.
The customers will see the rate of the selected cryptocurrency on the screen. Once confirmed the rate, they can tap the card and complete the transaction.
Pundi XPOS will print out the receipt for both customers and the store owners.
The customers use the XPASS card to conduct transactions, just like how they use the metro top-up card. The XPASS card contains the private key information, encrypted.
Product Line

Pundi X provides multiple POS solutions for retailers

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    XPOS Handy

    Under development

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    XPOS Desk

    Under development

FeaturesXPOSXPOS HandyXPOS Desk
Cryptocurrency wallet
Traditional mobile wallet
Pass card
Sell cryptos
Buy back cryptos
Pay with cryptos
QR code
NPXS rewards
NPXS advertising
NPXS app distribution
Inventory management
Membership management
Identity management
Credit history
Exchange platform
Mobile network
*VISA/Master Card
*Apple Pay
*Samsung Pay
*Payment gateway from the bank needed